Strategic Warehouse Distribution.  Putting the Logic in Logistics.

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For over 30 years, Pacific Labor Consulting has earned a reputation built on efficiency, reliability and trust.

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Pacific Labor offers an exceptionally diversified range of time-based logistics consulting services.

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Strategic Distribution Planning

Our services have assisted companies of all sizes in calculating their maximum efficiency potential. Beyond simply implementing engineered labor standards, we can set up X,Y,Z Coordinates, help with warehouse travel/pick paths and sequences as well as item slotting and rewriting SOP’s. Pacific Labor concentrates on vertical integration of fulfillment by reinforcing every facet of the logistical process optimizing work flow from packaging to pallet.

Pacific Labor has garnered a successful reputation for helping businesses achieve higher levels of performance through labor productivity improvement. Adopting a performance culture can expand not only the productivity of the labor force, but improve the general sense of accomplishment and purpose relating to each tier of work performed.

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