Our Approach

Pacific Labor Consulting is the supply chain industry's leading provider of efficiency solutions for increasing profitability and production. Our systems enhance functional logistic engineering in all aspects of performance including distribution, warehousing and transportation. For over 30 years, we have served clients across a growing number of industries and increased their annual revenue while saving them millions in operating costs.

The team at Pacific Labor combines proven operational expertise with specifically tailored consultation methods to create and implement uniquely innovative logistics solutions for each partnered vendor. In matching clients with the optimum resources to their needs, we are able to directly address and eliminate the most complex distribution problems.

Built on a structure of trust, we base our service on increased value facilitated through a productive working relationship. Pacific Labor approaches work as an investment in our client's future by focusing on creating a sustainable increase in annual revenue through dividends they can measure in profit. We concentrate on delivering results so our clients can concentrate on delivering their goods.  You need service you can count on, and we want to help you do the counting.

Pacific Labor offers an exceptionally diversified range of time-based logistics consulting services. We facilitate implementing an ideal platform from the full spectrum of logistics based software products. In support of our manufacturing, wholesale and retail clients, we have three decades of experience servicing companies in almost all major vertical markets. Our consulting techniques address opportunities for improvement and logistics issues across the entire supply chain. From strategic planning to facility design, material handling, transportation, optimized labor performance solutions, specialized training, labor management software and other logistics software solutions, we can help improve upon every aspect of the logistics network.

Our Warehouse Initiative Network or WIN, is a state-of-the-art distribution productivity system that provides for comprehensive labor standards application and analysis. It allows us to streamline the movement of products and revenue simultaneously, a sustainable system of delivery and profit built into a platform that continuously moves the bottom line forward.

We want to help you stay competitive, profitable and efficient while retaining your core relevance and structure that has helped shape your success. The clients we have served over the past 30 years are a testament to our commitment, dedication and reputation as an industrial engineering firm that shows measurable results.

Our Story

Eddy Stride, the founder of Pacific Labor Consulting was born in the UK and worked for British Aluminum, Cadbury Schweppes and SPD the Unilever Distribution Company. He soon gained a degree in Industrial Engineering and also qualified as a registered instructor in all disciplines of MTM.  With his extensive experience in all areas of Industrial Engineering (both Manufacturing and Logistics) he founded Pacific Labor Consulting in 1990 after moving to the USA.