Strategic Warehouse Distribution

Our Strategic Distribution Planning services have assisted companies of all sizes in calculating their maximum efficiency potential. Beyond simply implementing engineered labor standards, we can set up X,Y,Z Coordinates, help with warehouse travel/pick paths and sequences as well as item slotting and rewriting SOP’s. Pacific Labor concentrates on vertical integration of fulfillment by reinforcing every facet of the logistical process optimizing work flow from packaging to pallet.

With more than 30 years of hands-on experience, our network design software persistently keeps our clients on the cutting edge of industry developments. We create a baseline for current network and design standards, then calculate logical costs and customer service-driven alternatives for comparable, competitive performance rates.

One of the greatest strengths we've provided clients is the genuine investment in fostering their growth both financially and sustainably. As a partner of Pacific Labor Consulting, success isn't measured solely in designing the most efficient, personalized logistics network solution. We gauge our own achievements through proven profitability in assisting our clients with each phase of fulfillment. Not only does Pacific Labor implement systems that fortify existing logistics models to create optimal performance standards, we ease the transitional adaptation through outstanding technical support and customized facilitation toward increased productivity.

Performance Improvement Integration

Gaining maximum efficiency and control of your logistics operations requires visibility and control over your entire network. We work with a broad spectrum of WMS and Labor Management software applications designed for any size operation combined with personalized service to help you effectively manage and grow your entire supply chain.

Our experience using an intuitive range of logistics software applications helps to ensure consistent ROI with measurable results, which significantly increase the competitive position of our client's fulfillment rate. Pacific Labor calculates success in the tangible profits and organic growth we foster in your operation. Our team improves your logistics performance by assessing the efficiency of existing systems and meticulously employs improvements to concentrate on which aspects can be optimized.

Our process begins with improvement rather than redesign, we concentrate on growth through existing business practices rather than reform. Pacific Labor has earned a reputation for consistent performance improvement with a specialization in industrial engineering which concentrates on statistical analysis, calculable diagnostics, and proven results. We put value on consultation, developing upon the framework that made our clients successful and creating optimized work standards to lift their performance numbers and identify new profit opportunities.

Pacific Labor is the top industrial engineering consulting firm to evaluate your optimal options for increased profit yield. We match your operation to supportive software systems according to the unique requirements of your logistics. Our team matches your business with innovative solutions which maximize labor execution through an ideally paired technology investment strategy.

We provide you with the expertise and attention to detail required from efficiency planning to installation, implementation and continuous project management to ensure ongoing success. Give Pacific Labor the opportunity to prove the infinite worth of our unbiased expertise to identify the logistics software that best meets the needs of your organization.

Labor – Surpassing Workforce Efficiency Standards

We know from experience that labor costs account for roughly 50-65% of the total distribution investment. This critically important facet of any growing business often provides opportunities for clients to increase regular revenue by casting the focus on performance improvement initiatives. As a critical first step toward decreasing any cost deficit, we model possible improvements on existing statistics.


Pacific Labor has garnered a successful reputation for helping businesses achieve higher levels of performance through labor productivity improvement. Adopting a performance culture can expand not only the productivity of the labor force, but improve the general sense of accomplishment and purpose relating to each tier of work performed. We have seen employee morale improve as each facet works as a team, relying on each other to sustain an organic, healthy and positive work flow.

A performance culture prioritizes objective measurement which rewards achievement on both an individual and team level. This model includes productivity reporting with real-time movement monitoring, updated training according to statistics, effective communication across all channels and development of an environment constructed and focused on continuous improvement of performance.